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Artist | Digital Art
United States
♥Pursuing Happiness & a Career in Game Art / Animation ♥
Heya guys! I'm trying to be more active with posting art and streaming. I'm doing a lot of sketchbook stuff so I hope you enjoy it! It's been refreshing to get away from digital a bit. I'm also streaming my sketching live and would love to have you! If you're curious about my real-time process, and miss a stream, you can find past streams in Videos on Demand on either Twitch or my youtube page. I simulcast on both Twitch and Picarto, and may be able to add more streaming services if you're interested in that (Youtube, Livestream, Hitbox, etc.) 

Most art I post here is available on my other social platforms! Feel free to pick the one you like best :3

Twitch Picarto Twitter Tumblr | Tip Jar 


offline - Commission: [OPEN]
Watch on any of the following:

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Customized art of your characters! Artwork is for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. 
Click Here For More Examples
- Your Name: 
- Stream Name: (optional)

- Type: Chibi/Painted/Seasonal/Portrait/etc.

>- Character Name: 
>- Reference: *required
>- Mood/Pose/Story: 
>- Additional Info: (optional) 

- Contact Email: 
- Paypal Email: 

(Feel free to use Markdown)


  1. CONTACT: EMAIL with FORM! [tiamatstavern[at]] Do NOT send me a note! Please stick to email! I will check my notes, but I do not prefer this method of communication. It's easy for me to lose track of notes or search back for them when later needed. 
  2. REFERENCES: I cannot accept characters without references. Photos are acceptable. Please do not use someone else's character design as a direct reference without proof of permission. If you would like to commission me for a character sheet, turn-around, or design a character for you additional fees may apply as it is a very involved and communication heavy process. Could be pricey!
  3. PAYMENT: Payment is due when you have confirmation of a saved "slot". I will contact you with my Paypal information. If you're interested on incremental payments for pieces over $100, contact me to work something out. 
  4. HOURS: For pieces with a "painted" style, the more time that goes into rendering, coloring and shading, the more detailed and polished a piece MAY turn out. I stress "may" because there is such a thing as "overworking" a piece, or the dimensions of the piece would limit the amount of improvement extra time would provide. It's entirely up to you if you want to add more hours once your initial piece is done, or before the process has started. Sketches will never be counted towards requested hours. Here are some examples from past commissions tagged by the hour on my Tumblr: 1 H - 1.5 H - 2 H - 3 H - 4 H 
  5. REVISIONS: I do not do revisions that are based on altering my style. This includes face shapes, lighting effects, eye shape, ear shape, shines, etc. Please decide whether or not you like the style of the artist before commissioning.
    •  Any revisions are permitted at sketch stage within reason.
    • When a sketch is approved, it's approved.
    • Edits for forgotten character elements are permitted (i.e. earring, marking, glasses)
    • Minor lighting adjustments and colors swaps are OK within reason.
    • Large edits during any stage may require additional payment.
    • Complete do-overs after or during color stage will not be permitted
  6. TRUST AND PATIENCE: Be patient and don't nit-pick what I'm doing. This
    Please avoid "You made his fur magenta, but its actually dark pink with a hint of purple, and his markings are cyan not aqua--and even though its a night scene please color it like he's lit by 1000 suns. His femur is 10 inches long. Please use this exact hex code for his eyes. Also, could you make his spikes more spikey? And please, tilt his head 2 degrees lower. Here, let me just draw over it for you." UNLESS this is for a character sheet or turn-around where things need to be very specific, dry, straight forward, and cannon.
    In the end, I just want you to be happy, but please let me do my art in my style, vision, and aesthetic. 
  7. SCHEDULES AND STREAMING: When I have time! I'll try to schedule each piece, but I cannot guarantee how the day will go, things WILL move around. Please be patient. I will ALWAYS announce on deviantART when I am streaming. No, I will not email you, text, DM, etc. when I am live. VODs should be available if streaming via Twitch but I cannot guarantee.  

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Email: tiamatstavern*
Summer Fun 2016 [commission]
This commission took way too long for me to finish! A million apologies. 

Commission Twitch Picarto Twitter Tumblr | Youtube Instagram | Tip Jar  |


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Hello Tiamat!
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All this warm and colorful palette... Lovely gallery!
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7 years since we chated zooms by fast, I hope life is rewarding you well. I remember the first time i saw you draw on paint chat, you drew a mother and baby dragon, i bet i have it, if i find it i would like to send or link it to you. Rock on Tia!
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